"At FDIC the best door prop ever made was used in the forcible entry class. It was designed by Mike Perrone of FDNY who owns Firehouse Innovations Corp.. There is no better door anywhere. It will do everything you want and it will outlast you and me. Mike is a great guy, and all doors are custom made by Mike and satisfaction is assured. I wouldn't say it if I hadn't used it myself. It feels, acts, and reacts like the real thing".

6 Years Later - 11/28/2014

The Multi-force door we purchased from my good friend Mike Perrone for FDIC from Firehouse Innovations six years ago is still operating perfectly. The door has been subjected to continuous use over the last six years, whether it be by the Indianapolis Fire Department or our other good friends in Northern Indiana as well as annually in our world renowned urban essentials class it has performed flawlessly. The craftsmanship and durability have been everything Mike promised they would be. We are completely satisfied with the multi-force door and have found it to be one of the most durable and realistic training props we have used at FDIC.

"I have been training NYC Firefighters with this forcible entry door for the past 8 years and it is by far the most durable training prop around. We train with this door 6 days a week and estimate an average 10,000 forces per year. The multi-force forcible entry door system is suitable for both new and seasoned firefighters. I highly recommend this training tool".

"I also wanted to tell you yesterday’s training was a great experience.  Mike delivered the T-t-T to our instructor staff in a fun and experienced based way.  We have an instructor staff that varies from career, volunteer, and NJ TF-1 USAR based, and we all learned new skills to accomplish our task of forcible entry more effectively. The forcible entry door prop is extremely well thought out, it addressed all of our needs and wants in a training aid.  Inward, outward, right, left, steel frame, wood frame, fork end, adz end, 1 firefighter, 2 firefighters, irons, and rabbit tool… what else could you want! The Somerset County ESTA trains firefighters of all levels in our county and throughout New Jersey. This training aid will dramatically enhance their effectiveness of gaining access at an emergency.  Thanks again for your time, effort, and dedication to the fire service".

"I am writing to give some feedback on your Forcible Entry door and your videos.

I am a Post Academy Training Officer and my duty is to train Probationary Firefighters every day. I also teach off and on in our Fire Academy. Your training videos have had an enormous impact here in my fire department. Since first discovering your videos on YouTube I immediately started using and teaching your techniques. Your instruction is excellent. Such good technique, given in such a simple and logical way makes it easy for anyone to understand and walk away with a better skill set. I have shared your videos and techniques with fellow training officers and Academy Truck instructors and have gotten a great deal of buy in. So much in fact that I rewrote the forcible entry section of our Academy Truck SOG and included many of your techniques and terminology. As a result, our Fire Recruits are coming out of the Academy with a better conventional forcible entry skill set than ever before. I knew that we had to get our hands on one of your props!

The prop is insanely good because it is very simple to use and requires no reset time. All that is required is wood. ​No reset time means that firefighters stay engaged in the training and get more reps and more practice. Watch the video, set it up and start training. Our prop was originally purchased for my fire station but after realizing that the prop was far better than what we had at the academy, several of us decided that it would have the greatest impact there and it left 10's. So now my training division has purchased two more doors and we will have one once again at Station 10 and in the near future at Station 44 when it becomes our next Post Academy Training station. I am excited about owning these props because I know the positive impact that it has already had and will continue to have on our forcible entry abilities.

Thank you for making it all possible with such a great product and for sharing all of your experience and skills".

"Hey Mike, I wanted to let you know that we received the Multi-Force door the other day. Man-oh-man, this thing is built like a tank. Even though it weighs 700lbs, It was portable enough that I moved it by myself. In the past we have either kicked or beat in doors, myself included. It's a technique that should be in our tool box but not something we solely rely on. A senior guy asked me this question one day: What happens when you can't kick the door in? That simple question peaked my interest. After watching a few of your training videos on YouTube and observing many failed attempts,our folks had on the fire ground. This is when I realized the need to propose the order of your Multi-Force door system in our budget. I had the privilege of testing the door at FDIC 2014 along with a few others. Your door stood on a level far about the rest. It is well built, portable, simple to use and it offers a real world feel. Like you stated in your training video, "this door will help you develop proper technique". Proper technique will build a skill set that will build confidence in the firefighter. Confidence is key on the fire ground. We put on our first class utilizing the Multi-Force door a few days ago. The group's body language when they arrived for the class was timid and it was evident they were lacking confidence in their ability. When the class concluded the guys had a different demeanor. They held their heads high and their chests were stuck out. It was an empowering moment! This training device took a group of guys that were hesitant and unsure of their skills and it transformed each one of them into firefighters ready to take on a forcible entry job. Lastly, I would like to brag on you and give kudos in regards to your customer service. It is top notch. When I sent you an email, I wasn't expecting a phone call from you. I also wasn't expecting the promptness and detailed help you provided via voice mail. I was on shift and missed your call. You made sure and followed up a few days later and I had the privilege of speaking with you. The way you handle your business says a lot about your passion for your craft, the service you provide after the sale, and your character. You are a true pro in our field!"

"Mike, all members of my firehouse recently participated in the initial training you provided in Palm Beach County, Fl. Our department was fortunate enough to have purchased the Multi-Force Door System. My firehouse is one of the busiest in the department. Our primary response area consists of many challenging residential, commercial, and multiple residential high-rise buildings. Since this training, my companies had many occasions to apply the techniques learned in “real world” application. I am absolutely astonished at the dramatic improvement in the confidence level of my firefighters. The logical steps you taught have contributed to our success rate in gaining entry to these occupancies in a profoundly efficient manner. This type of “back to the basics” training has served us well by enhancing the knowledge, skills and abilities of my personnel. I’ve manage to attend training seminars all over the country. Like many who love the job, I consider all training to be relative and useful. However, in my 19-years of professional service, I have never experienced such immediate and positive results. I commend you for the first-class, high quality training you’re providing. The Multi-Force Door System will have a positive impact in the career of thousands of firefighters. Best regards".

"I checked out your web page and viewed the video...and I must tell you, you did an outstanding job. What an a amazing concept; simple, relatively inexpensive and can be used over and over again with what appears minimal damage".

"My name is Lt. Neil P. Walsh. I am a 26 year veteran of the FDNY. I spent 20 years in L-31 and 6 years as a Lt. in

E-297. In my opinion, Firefighter Perrone's Multi-Force forcible entry door, is clearly the best forcible entry door on the market today. I had the opportunity to work with firefighter Mike Perrone for one year teaching young probationary firefighters the techniques of ladder co. operations. In my opinion firefighter Perrone is one of the most knowledgeable firefighters in forcible entry. Firefighter Perrone used his years of experience with forcible entry to design this state of the art door. This door covers inward and outward, left hand and right hand opening doors. Metal or wooden jambs all in one. One of the greatest features of the door is that it allows each firefighter to customize the door to their level of experience, by using chocks to adjust the size of the GAP between door and door stop.

Besides all the great features that the door offers, it is made to withstand being used multiple times. This was proven when we used the door for three hundred probationary firefighters for two straight weeks, for twelve hours a day. After two weeks had ended, the door was still in the same condition as it was the day we purchased it.

In my opinion, this door is a must for any fire department. I give firefighter Perrone three thumbs up".

"Mike, you've done it! You've built the forcible entry door we've been looking for all these years! I like the way it doesn't just teach technique, it offers real resistance up to the breaking point, just like real doors.

No other simulator that I've seen has come close to this type of realism and ability to mimic the spread of what's out there in the real world.

Quick entry can lead to quick water on fires, and that can only help the fire service.

"Ask any fire instructor. What’s the best type of training?

Hands on with lot of repetition. With the FIRE HOUSE INNOVATIONS forcible entry door simulator you can have both. Mike has developed a door with a unique design that allows you to duplicate the same motions and movements that you would use under real fire ground conditions and best of all do it over and over again. The solid steel construction means it will hold up to the most rigorous training exercise. And its portable design means you can take anywhere. Use it indoors or out. The door is cost effective. One door can train your entire department, now and for years to come. Whether you’re honing the skills of a veteran or teaching the probie the procedures necessary to get the job done. Mike’s door is the best training tool available. And you can continue training until your firefighters are skilled knowledgeable and experienced". "Thank you Mike"

"Our department was preparing to open a forty million dollar training facility and we were in need of a forcible entry door prop. A co-worker attended the forcible entry class at FDIC and told me the prop they used in the class was awesome. I discovered the door prop was built by Firehouse Innovations, Corp. Since we have purchased the door prop over two hundred of our members have used it. The evaluations we received from members who used the prop are extremely favorable and the common denominator is how realistic it feels. To have that many firefighters use something, and all of them say only good things about it, is unheard of in the fire service. The door is sturdy and rigid and I anticipate many years of trouble-free, hands-on training".

"Mike, a big thank you from the members of the Locust Valley Fire Department who had the pleasure of attending your training session. The guys cannot stop taking about how realistic your door prop is compared to others we've researched and tested at the various trade shows and expos. The techniques and tips you and Danny gave us on gapping and conventional forcible entry should be the standard training all firefighters get at the academy but don't. This was by far the best and most realistic forcible entry training we've had in a long time.

As you said, the door speaks for itself as a training system. It's rare that we get the opportunity in our district to get a vacant house where we can practice popping doors. Even then we are resigned to nailing them shut each time, because let's face it, once the first guy pops the door initially, it's going to get easier and easier as you go through the session with many members wanting to take a turn. Your system allows each member to train like it's the real thing each and every time. Thank you....this door is a dream come true to the fire service.

We look forward to purchasing one in the near future and having you and Dan back annually for a refresher training session."

"Mike what an outstanding product! And the training that you and Dan gave us was unbelievable, I learned more about forcible entry and the many different ways to use a halligan bar in four hours then I have in the past ten years. T he little nuances or as you like to say “the power of the adz” blew me away. We have had the product since April 6, 2009 (only four days now), but we have yet been able to walk past it without setting it up for a quick force. It does my heart good to walk out into the bays and see one or two guys just playing with it. Before this prop, if we were lucky, we would only be able to force one or two doors every couple of years, never really having an opportunity to try out different techniques and only a few guys being able to do the force before the door and frame were damaged beyond realistic value or using props that are good for techniques but just unrealistic. The days of us using/teaching one or two ways of forcing a door are now gone and the let’s “pretend” days are dead and buried. Now I can rotate an eight man crew through four different techniques with realistic resistance and that beloved popping/cracking sound in less than two hours, with no down time between forces! I have already noticed the confidence level of my crew, from the oldest to the youngest, increasing with every force we do".

"Mike, we recently received our Multi Force Forcible Entry door and it was everything you said it would be and more. Upon the doors arrival, I was tasked with training all the Company Officers on the operation of the door. As I taught the classes to the officers they were very impressed with the realism of the prop. It was decided that we would cancel a class that was already scheduled and do a Department-wide in-service training. At the beginning of the training I introduced the door and went over basic information on the operation. Prior to teaching any technique I asked for volunteer to force the door in front of fifty brothers and sisters. This first attempt was to say the least a little slow about 5 minutes, but to the volunteers credit he was still in the academy and stepped up and took a shoot. After teaching some basic techniques I had the same firefighter try again and he got it in less than 1 minute. We spent the next couple of hours forcing the door from all angles and trying some old forgotten and newly taught techniques. The new firefighters were amazed at how well a simple set of tools like the irons can perform if used correctly and the older guys were reminded that simple is better most of the time. At the end of the training there was a pile of wood scraps that any beaver or lumber jack would be proud of and most members had forced more doors in one night then they will in ten years. Since the initial training crews have been using the door in weekly drills and have nothing but good things to say. I believe that the money spent on your Forcible Entry Prop was the best money we have spent in a couple of years on training and have no regrets".

"Hello Mike, I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed the training In Perry on October 6th. I am 26 year veteran and I can honestly say that you're never too old or have been on the job too long to learn. Thanks to you and all the other guys for teaching this "old dog" some new tricks! Take care and stay safe"!

"Mike, as a 24 year fire service veteran and an instructor for several different fire academies I have had the opportunity to use several different conventional forcible entry props. The mulit-force door is the best prop I have ever had the opportunity to use. The thing that sets your door above all the other ones is that it forces you to change your techniques and apply forces differently. This makes you think and increases your ability to size up your forcible entry problem. Things that make us think and try other approaches are invaluable training tools". 

"Just as important is the level of training you bring with the door. Your conventional entry class is one of the best I have ever attended. The level of experience and techniques that you bring to the table as an instructor are absolutely outstanding. You have certainly helped me become a better fire officer. Thanks again".

"My name is Robert James. I have been in the fire service over 10 years now. My department recently purchased this forcible entry prop. I will say that before taking on delivery of this prop our forcible entry techniques have been basic and we have been lucky with getting doors open. Since the door our forcible entry tactics have been amazing. I don't think that there is anything that my guys can't get into now. Since we have had the door in the firehouse, wood has no longer been safe around there. Every time the guys find wood in the firehouse they are cutting it up and sliding it in the prop to force. We have guys currently hiding wood from each other so that no one gets more force time than another. This prop is without a doubt the best thing out there for forcible entry training".

"The Daytona Beach Fire Department has thoroughly enjoyed training with the "Multi-Force" forcible entry door system. Our personnel have logged many hours of training with this great training aid. The door is well designed and is durable enough to withstand the forces involved with forcible entry. I would

recommend this training aid to any fire service department that is looking to improve their personnel's ability to efficiently force doors. Mike, I want to thank you and your staff for a job well done"

The Multi-Force Forcible Entry Simulator is the only Door a Fire Department should Purchase!

My name is Captain Eric Kuck with the Los Angeles County Fire Department. I have been teaching Conventional Forcible Entry to my fellow firefighters for 25 years. I have used and built numerous Forcible Entry simulators over the years using everything from magnets, rubber straps to wood dowels. But this Multi-Force Forcible Entry Door you created is hands down the best training Simulator around. Not only does it allow for various techniques but this door holds up to the abuse of Firefighters. Over 300+ firefighters have used THIS door and it is still standing strong, besides a few holes from poor swings using the spiking method with the Halligan, its as good as new. Our door at Fire Station 8 sits on the Apparatus floor and gets used by every firefighter who passes through the station. Great Job Mike-Great Door

"Hi Mike, I wanted to let you know that the F.E. door our department purchased from you is a great tool that our members look forward to training on and helping them become better Firefighters. As a former F.D.N.Y. member I had the chance to train on this door with you before so I knew the quality of this door. Now the members of my department have that same appreciation. Also the hands on training with you gave me when I picked up the door was invaluable, with several tricks of the trade. Sometimes training can be dull for certain members but this is not the case with your door. Our members get excited to train with it and as an officer you can't ask for much more! Thanks again from all of us at the Lake Placid Fire Department."

"The forcible entry training was an excellent hands on experience. Even if you knew the tactics that were taught by Mike Perrone during this hands on training, his presentation skills, subject knowledge and willingness to help everyone become better made this class phenomenal. As an instructor for Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue, I am hopeful that our department will purchase The Multi-force forcible entry system. His awesome prop will be a great addition to our training environment".

"Hey Mike, Training with the new props are off the hook! The men can not get enough of the props. I already need to run some wood through the saw and make up some more blocks. Here are some pictures that we have so far. More pictures and video are coming".

Fort Drum Fire, NY - Firehouse Innovations #343 Door

Hi there, my name is Karl Tylenda from Fort Drum Fire In upstate NY we are home to the U.S. Army 10th Mountain Division Light Infantry. We took a crew pic and just wanted to send it to you. It's a awesome product! Stay Safe.


"Mike, I wanted to personally thank you for the blue door training (Multi-Force) I received at the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy (Lewistown, PA) on Wed. April 29, 2015. My career department has a blue door (Multi-Force) which we use heavily; but the training and tips I received from you has taken my appreciation for the prop to a whole new level. Thanks again for making a great prop and the forcible entry training".

"The forcible entry class Mike taught was informative, detailed, and entertaining. Some of the best hands on training I have received in the fire service. You can obviously tell he knows what he is talking about. His passion and love for job is inspiring. It was an outstanding prop to work with! Thanks Mike!"

"I am a firefighter with Fire and Rescue New South Wales in Australia. I have been watching your videos on forcible entry for a number of months and have been studying your techniques for better application of these methods. This morning I attended a structure fire and was able to put these methods into action with great success. I'd just like to say thank you and keep up the good work in producing these videos".

"Mike, We want to thank you for your hospitality and the invaluable training you gave us. The time you took out of your day to share 32 years of your FE experience was incredible. This door has surpassed our expectations and will make the guys on the job even more proficient at forcible entry. Each shift has been working with the door and has raved about the techniques you have shown and all of the doors capabilities. You have an amazing door system and we are grateful to have been able to get the door and have you train us for the day. Thank you".

"Mike, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to inform you of how our system is enthusiastically utilizing our forcible entry door prop. It is used for a minimum of three Firefighter Academies, a truck school, and is rotated between seven stations every year. It is holding up incredibly well given all of the use that it receives. The door has been and will continue to be a valued investment in the training that our system provides for it's firefighters. Thanks for providing such a well built product for fire service training!"

"The Forcible Entry Door from Firehouse Innovations is the single greatest piece of training equipment we have at our disposal. Forcing doors is an art, and the door Mike designed can help every person in the firehouse prefect their technique. It is durable, reliable and most of all realistic. There are countless ways to force it and the versatility of the system Mike has designed enables members to learn about all different types of doors they may come across. It even comes with accessories like angle iron simulators that let you experience obstacles that members may encounter in our everyday operations. Mike & Dave delivered the door, hauled it downstairs with the crew and assembled it in less than 10 minutes. They then conducted a 2 hour drill about how to use the door and showed us different ways to get through it. It was extremely useful information and I thank Mike & Dave for taking the time to pass on their knowledge. This is an invaluable piece of training equipment and I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their Forcible Entry skills to better serve the members of their community".

"Mike- we got the door last month- did our first formal training session with about 16 guys last night. THEY LOVED IT! this will give us years of use for sure- the videos are great for refreshers... awesome product. here's a few pics!"

"On the morning of Saturday, August 4th, 2018 Mike and his staff arrived at the Edgewater Park Volunteer Hose Company No. 1 Inc in the Bronx, NY; to deliver my departments Fire Innovations Forcible Entry Prop Door. These two gentlemen wasted no time in getting to work, they had the door setup in minutes and step by step explained the assembly process. Once the door assembly was completed, they explained every detail of the door to us and thoroughly answered any questions we had. After their detailed introduction concluded, I was our turn and they put us to work ensuring that we were just as familiar with this door as they were, even adding in several useful tips in technique and safety measures. After a couple of hours, we were all set with a great training tool that will last our department for many years to come. I have to say this door is a beast, its heavy, its tough, but most of all it's built to last! I thank Mike and his staff at Firehouse Innovations for all of their assistance. Stay Safe!"

"For years I have been looking for a training prop that was realistic and challenged the membership of my department.. We have tried every prop out there. There is not a more realistic, comprehensive forcible entry prop on the market. What I truly love about Firehouse Innovation door verse the others we have purchased (and thrown out) is this door takes a beating and keeps its shape and form. Other props wear away and break down over time. We have put this door through hundreds of hours of training and it is just as good as the day Mike and his crew dropped it off at our training facility. On top of a great product, the support and training the firehouse innovation team provided was miles above anything we could have expected. At a recent taxpayer fire we saw the benefits of having used this door in training. Congrats on a fantastic product!. Don’t waist your, buy this door first and forget the rest."

"Mike, In 2010, I had the opportunity to meet you while taking your Forcible Entry Class at FDIC. Likewise, this was the first time I was exposed to the Multi-Force Forcible Entry Door System. At that time, I was serving as an Assistant Chief with the Occoquan-Woodbridge-Lorton Volunteer Fire Department, and one of my responsibilities was overseeing the Small Tools and Equipment Budget.

Upon returning from FDIC, work began on procuring two of these doors. Being that we have three stations, we figured that we would be able to move one back and forth between a station. As work progressed, we were able to secure funds for three (3) doors, and in May of 2011 an order was placed with your company. Little did we know at the time, the impact that your simulator would have on our operations.

These doors have allowed our personnel to perfect their skills at forcible entry techniques, all while offering the opportunity to put ourselves in different situations (i.e. blacked out, working as one person, working as two people, etc.). There is no better training simulator out there that could offer what your simulator does.

Furthermore, due to the portability and ease of set up of your unit, we have been able to loan them out periodically which has resulted in other departments singing the praises of your simulator. I believe that this has even resulted in a few of the Departments in the Northern Virginia area to purchase their own. Although I volunteer in Woodbridge, I also work as a Lieutenant in the City of Fredericksburg, Virginia, and I can attest to the aforementioned statements in that the Fredericksburg Fire Department purchase done of your doors.

Mike, you and your company have put together a top-notch product. I have used other simulators out there, and none can compete with what you have put together. I can factually state that your simulator has vastly improved our forcible entry skills and techniques. It has also been known to settle a few debates around the kitchen table in the fire station.

Please keep up the good work. Your website provides excellent training videos, and personnel that I work with are constantly keeping up to date with it. After watching the videos, personnel are even getting up and practicing the skills they just watched. Again, job well-done!"

"I was forwarded FDNY Medal Awards Program by one of our guys whom was present when you did the in service training on the force entry simulator.

Congratulations on being awarded Chief Wesley Williams Medal. Hell of a rescue. The door by the way has been terrific and a huge asset to the department".

"I just wanted to say “thank-you” for treating our guys so well on Sunday, they could not have had a better experience picking up the door prop. They really enjoyed the training as well as the hospitality".

"I would like to comment on your door system. We spoke at the fire expo at Nassau Coliseum. I would like to state that your door system is an amazing tool. My guys are training with this door all the time to keep up on their forcible entry training. Your system gives all types of different scenarios. The new guys who join our department love the door because you can just roll up on a building and start forcing doors. This training can be done right in house. Great Product for great training. Thank You".

"Mike, This door is INCREDIBLE! We have been working with our crews over the past couple of weeks on forcible entry techniques and have received nothing but positive feedback. This door has received a beaten and looks like new. We really appreciate what a wonderful training aid you have developed. Please stay in touch and if anyone in the New England area is looking to see one of your doors, please don't hesitate to have them give me a call".

"We got our door yesterday (11/3/15) and the guys couldn’t have been more happy! I came into work this morning and they had already started beating on it! Of course, my guys couldn’t be out done and have spent their free time today watching the video and cranking on the door! Thank You!"

"The purchase of this door has greatly improved the level of training for our agency. Forcible entry is a difficult topic to teach with a quality prop. Several of our firefighters have utilized the door to teach firefighters from our agency and surrounding departments the art of forcible entry. Firefighters can practice breaching the door dozens of times in a training session. We are better prepared firefighters because of the door".

"Mike, I would like to take a moment to thank you for providing such a comprehensive forcible entry product to the fire service. You have not only delivered on every aspect of the training simulator that you mentioned but exceeded it. Our firefighters have never had the ability to have such realistic and focused forcible entry training in their careers. With that said, we are better firefighters, and a better department due to your innovation and delivery of a stellar product. Thank you again".

"Mike, I was one of the attendees who had the distinct pleasure of attending your hands-on training session recently held at Sayville Fire Dept. The guys from my fire department that attended that day cannot stop taking about the excellent experience that you guys provided. As we are all aware, in the volunteer service, it's a rarity that we get the opportunity to get a vacant house where we can practice forcible entry. And let's face it, the forcible entry props that we build in the rear of the firehouse or at the training centers, just don't simulate the "real thing". Your door allows the brothers to train like it's the real thing each and every time and allows them the unparallel ability to practice all the forcible entry techniques necessary in today's fire service. Whether they're a new probie or a seasoned veteran, every firefighter is guaranteed to walk away with an increased sense of knowledge and confidence in the art of conventional forcible entry. With over 18 years in the fire service, I can undoubtedly say that your multi-force door is the best forcible entry prop that I have ever had the opportunity to use. The finest compliment I can give to you is my continuous praise and admiration of the level of experience and technique that you provide to all that attend your training sessions. I will forever be a supporter of your multi-force door and have urged the need for your instruction to my fire department and to our neighboring fire departments as well. Thank you again for the experience and I look forward to establishing a semi-annual refresher for my entire department to appreciate".

"Mike, I wanted to thank you again for a great forcible entry training class. Both the props that you bring and the knowledge you teach are second to none!

From the oldest hand to the newest probie all of the guys learned a great deal. They can't stop discussing new techniques that you have opened their eyes to. A number of our members have remarked how practical and "real" many of the methods you teach are. Your decades of Fireground experience are clearly evident in your recommendations passed on throughout the class. Your hands-on teaching style really ensures that everyone actually learns what you are teaching.

I don't think that the quality of the training would have been as evident to the guys without your excellent props. They are the only props that I have experienced that provide both realistic simulation of the way different doors break and the durability to withstand constant pounding without lots of

retooling the doors every couple students. The authenticity of the way the doors move allowed you to show guys techniques that can't be taught on other props. Thanks again for a great class!"

"I recently had the opportunity to train with your team at the hands on forcible entry seminar held at Sayville Fire Department. First I would like to compliment you on an excellent training program. That was the best hands on instruction I have received in a long time. As a career and volunteer firefighter I have had the chance to train with some stellar instructors at top notch training academies. Your training props were the best I have ever seen. Once again thanks for an excellent training experience".

"Mike, Thanks again from all the members of Prospect Park Fire Co. and the neighboring departments who had the pleasure of attending today. We very much enjoyed the class and the door prop. The techniques you and Dan reviewed will surely enhance the skills, young and old, of all the members who attended. Your door prop by far is the most versatile and practical of the doors we have looked at. The door prop provides excellent opportunities for training members in all facets of conventional forcible entry which has become a lost art".

"We love the door and have been using it extensively. We have Incorporated it into every drill we have had since its purchase and the guys have been using it daily! Thank you and your team"!

"My name is Tony Iliano and attended the drill put on by Perry FD on Monday April 6th. My Lieutenant is big on forcible entry and not just getting in a door, but like you said, being a professional about it. Mike, you have come up with one heck of a simulator. The beating that door took and the turnaround time for teams to rotate through was great. The information you and Dan possess and shared with us can't be stressed enough. I've been a fireman for 8 years and that was one of the best drills, personally, I've attended. Some fireman think they can use the irons and get through doors once they get sworn in with no practice. The drill today showed how silly that is as most of us at one point or another had to be shown the how's and why's we do things. I'm looking forward to showing the guys back at the station what we learned. I really can't wait to use these skills on the fireground. Thanks again and best of luck to you".

"Mike, I’d just like to take a moment to thank you and Danny for a great training. Your door is basically a dream come true to the fire service and to forcible entry training. The ability to force multiple types of doors and in both directions in training has been a long time coming, and you’ve done it!

As you’ve always taught, be sure to have a plan A, B, C and so on, for the worst case scenario. It’s great to be able to actually demonstrate each plan of attack as the door gets harder to force. Your Multi-Force door allows the newest probie, to learn size-up and tool placement, as well as challenging senior members with extra wood or placing some angle iron that is so prominent in today’s high security world, that hinders our entry every day.

When both a probie and a former Chief of Department with 20 plus years, each approached you to tell you how much they’ve learned in a few short hours about the art of forcible entry and the halligan, I think you have succeeded in keeping the fire service tradition of passing on knowledge alive.

The truest recommendation that I can make to anyone is to simply purchase your door, and / or have a training session. It is a great training prop and will give all members a great experience in forcing doors, over and over without the worry of having to fix it each time. This tool will prepare the entire membership for the hardest doors they will face while operating on the fire ground".

"We have been using the simulator for a few months since it's delivery and everything you said about it is true. Our department hasn't ever been able to practice their forcible entry skills to this level. We are really happy with the product. Thanks again for helping us make the right decision about how to spend our funds".

"I would like to start off by saying your Multi-Force door is AWESOME! Everyone could not be happier. We have invited other companies over and have taught

some of them your tips we have learned from your DVD. They are amazed how helpful and easier your tips make forcible entry. Hopefully in the future we can get you down here to do some training with us so we can get more in depth training".

"I would just like to update you on our use of the Multi-Force Door. This training equipment has exceeded all of our expectations. It offers firefighters the opportunity to practice skills that in the past were done with simulations. There is a huge difference to talking about using irons versus actually doing it. The door has been used by our department, neighboring fire departments, and at several regional firefighter 1 classes. The value of the door is spreading quickly throughout the state. The DVD on how to force doors is excellent. The Multi-Force Door seems indestructible. It has stood up to severe pounding and has not required any maintenance. The Multi-Force door will be a valuable training aid for many years to come".

"We’ve had your door for quite some time now and love it! It lives at the training center from May through September and then we send it on a road trip to each firehouses for a month at a time in the winter. It’s a great indoor drill in the winter when it’s nice to stay out of the cold. In the summer, it’s versatile at the training center. We put it in front of other doors and make them force their way into the tower or put it against a wall and make the members work “at the end of a hall.” Last Fall it took a road trip to a vacant hotel we had for a volunteer conference we did with the department north of us. We put it in the hall of the hotel and had a good smoke condition going and had the guys force their way into the hall and then do some searches.

I’m going to take a guess and say we’ve had close to 200 different firefighters use it and many of them have had the use of it during several different trainings. The technique that it teaches is invaluable. Thanks again for the great prop! It’s outstanding"!

"Mike, I just wanted to say that the door is exceeding our expectations. In a Volunteer Department we do not get the opportunity to force doors on a regular basis. The Multi-Force Door has helped us to keep our skills sharp and teach newcomers the "art" of forcible entry. The Multi-Force Door is easy to use and about as realistic as you can get with a training prop. Not only is it a great tool but it is fun to use and really engages the members who are participating in the drill. It is very difficult to teach forcible entry without having the firefighters actually get their hands on the tools and force the door. I would recommend this to any department wishing to teach their firefighters about forcible entry. The DVD's were extremely helpful. Great job developing this training tool".

"The Firehouse Innovations Forcible Entry Door Prop has been a great addition to the PHFD. The prop has held up extremely well and has exceed all of our expatiation's. The prop is very easy to use and the cost to use is very low. Before the chance to train on a real door was few and far between and staff got limited time on training. But with this prop we have been able to train staff hands on and we have incorporated the prop into other drills also. The training DVD and the owners DVD are very informative and explained the door prop very well. On a recent commercial assignment that our department responded to, the skills learned on the door prop paid off. My crew forced a left hand inward swing door in less that 30 seconds. The command staff on scene was very impressed on the entry time on the building".

"Mike, The door arrived here Friday and its awesome!!!! It has been a big hit with all the guys and i cant get them to stop using it! Once again THANK YOU!!!"

"When the members of my fire dept. and myself saw the Forcible entry door at the L.I. Fire Expo we knew we had to have this piece of training equipment. As a department that prides our self in how we train this was a must have. We have tried other forcible entry doors in the past but none of them can compare to this one. This forcible entry door allows you to practice just about every type of forcible entry method out there because its not just one door it is actually made up of two doors, now you can properly train how to force doors that open away from you and doors that open toward you, as well as giving you the feel of forcing a door that would you would have to force in a real world scenario. We leave this door at our main house so our members can practice forcible entry when ever they please. I can confidently say since we purchased this valuable piece of training equipment my department is much more efficient in our forcible entry skills".

"Thank you very much for the delivery and training on our Firehouse Innovations forcible entry training prop. For years the Fairbanks Fire Department has struggled with providing new recruits and existing firefighter’s realistic training in conventional forcible entry techniques. For the past several years I had researched several different commercially available props, and even considered attempting to design our own prop, before we found yours. The Firehouse Innovations training prop is the best designed and built prop for conventional forcible entry techniques I have ever seen.

It is obvious years of experience, research and development went into your design. The capability of performing gapping, spiking doors, conventional forcing and the ability to use hydraulic forcible entry tools makes this prop extremely versatile. All the wear points are replaceable and the prop is designed to be virtually maintenance free.

Your training videos both on use of the prop and forcible entry techniques are outstanding. They are thorough and extremely well done- your dedication and passion for sharing the art of forcible entry is apparent. They have been a very useful review for our firefighters and we are using it as part of our initial training for new recruits.

Your customer service is top notch and we look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks again for developing such an outstanding product".

"I attended FDIC this past week, and it was the first time I had ever used a training simulator of this caliber. There is only so much you can learn from a video or lecture, and finding a way to get hands on training can be disassemble for transport and can provide several types of scenarios. It’s a must have for fire academies and departments, and will be worth every penny. Thanks to Mike and all the guys that put the man hours in making these doors and instructing".

"This training tool is by far the most superior and versatile tool that i have seen for forcible entry anywhere. We use it all the time here and have benefited greatly from it. It has helped us all keep our skills sound and "battle ready" as well as help us prepare our incumbent firefighters. Thank you again for your help and i hope this finds you well".

"Hi Mike,

My name is Myles Jenkyns. I'm 26 yrs old and will be starting in the stations on Feb 1 with the Winnipeg Fire Department. At the training academy we watched your forcible entry videos and then practiced the techniques on the same door prop in the video. I would just like to thank you for creating something so important

that we can train on. I went into that video not knowing the proper way to force a door, but the way you explained the techniques and showed tips was so very helpful. I feel so much more confident now that I know how to use the tool properly. Thank you very much, all of us firefighters appreciate it!"

"Just wanted to let you know that we completed Department wide Forcible Entry training on both my career and volunteer fire departments - Your props took a ton of abuse and are still holding strong! The portability of the Multi-Force has made it extremely easy to transfer it from station to station and the size of the doors have allowed us to use it in scenario based training as well. Thanks for creating such great simulators and sharing your expertise with others. Your contributions to the fire service are long reaching and have helped more firefighters than you will ever know! All the best brother".

"Mike, I just wanted to say thanks for yesterday. Gabe, Henry and I had a blast with you and learned a ton. As soon as we got back to the firehouse, we set the door up and the guys started using it right away. Everybody is really excited to train with it. As soon as we work out scheduling, we are definitely going to have you down for a class. I'll talk to the guys at Warminster and arrange for them to bring their simulator down as well. Extend our thanks to your wife as well for putting up with us, and thanks to you both for your hospitality. Regards".

"Just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful product. A few years ago I had the opportunity to try your door prop at FDIC and I immediately knew the benefit to our firefighters. In 2011, the Monroe County Public Safety Training Facility purchased the forcible entry door system and we couldn't be happier with its performance. At this point, the door has been used by thousands of Firefighters. It provides exceptional training and is superior in every way to any other system that I've ever used. Please feel free to add us to your list of happy customers and we would be happy to have anyone that's thinking about the system to stop by for a demo".

"Recently we conducted training at our Fire Academy using 3 of your doors. The training encompassed over 75 companies and over 300 personnel. These doors were put through the paces and held up flawlessly as well as provided a level of training and realism unmatched anywhere else. You also provide a level of customer service and support other companies should admire".

"Mike, I just wanted to take another moment to tell you thank you again for making the trip down here, and putting on a phenomenal training class for the whole department. I continue to hear from the guys that that was one of, if not the best class they have taken in the fire service. That feedback is from the newest firefighter to the ones pushing retirement. Your prop is great, and does everything that’s advertised. I certainly hope we will be able to add one in the future. Again I really appreciate what you did for our department".

"The Lacy Lakeview, TX Fire Department would like to thank you for creating such a great training product, our guys absolutely loved training on it and learned a lot from your videos we are excited for the training that our members will be able to receive".

"I believe after 34+ years on the job hands on repetitive training is always the best way to train firefighters. With that said, your videos in my opinion are a MUST to set the stage for successful Forcible Entry! Keep up the good work, stay safe and keep the videos (tips) coming".

"I believe after 34+ years on the job hands on repetitive training is always the best way to train firefighters. With that said, your videos in my opinion are a MUST to set the stage for successful Forcible Entry! Keep up the good work, stay safe and keep the videos (tips) coming".

"The forcible entry door that you sent to us is FANTASTIC!!! – My classroom is divided into two rooms, so our “fire structure” is always in the back room. In the past, students would pretend to have to force the door, but would ultimately jus turn the knob and go in. – NOW they must force a door every time they make entry (for fire attack or for search). – They’re really getting the hang of it using he techniques from your videos. This will really help them shine (if we ever get to participate in competitions again). This prop is a great addition to my program, and will serve the students in the fire science program for years to come".

"Gianni, it was more than a pleasure to meet you today. I cannot thank you enough for your hospitality and generosity. The competition committee is thrilled already.

Your shop is a dream and your attention to detail is confirmation that your business will continue to be successful. I know you will reach your goal of getting a door in every house in the boroughs. If there is anything I can help with, just call.

I look forward to seeing you 6/8. And if you ever find yourself in Huntington before or after let me know. Please stay in touch".

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