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Why Are There 2 Doors?

Another very important feature of the Multi-Force door is that we have two swinging doors. This feature allows firefighters to force doors that swing to the left as well as doors that swing to the right. As we all know, the gapping techniques as well as the spiking techniques or (baseball swing as some call it), are completely different for left-hand swinging doors as opposed to right-hand swinging doors. Having both left and right-hand swinging doors gives the firefighter tremendous advantage in being able to practice the different ways that the gapping technique and spiking techniques are applied depending on the swing of the door.

Example: If you had a prop with only one door and you wanted to practice the spiking method (also known as the baseball swing method), you would only be able to swing the spike of the halligan bar into the wood jamb simulator from one particular side! That would be great if every inward-opening door with a wooden jamb that we encounter in the real world, at a real fire, opened the same way you practiced. But guess what, 50% of the time the door swings from the opposite side. You need to practice your left-handed swing as well as your right-handed swing. Let’s face it, we all have a weaker swing from one side as opposed to the other. This two-door feature allows you to improve your swing greatly from your weaker side, as well as make your strong side swing even stronger.

Remember also that the gapping method used on an inward-opening metal jamb door is also different for left and right-hand swinging doors.

The importance of having two doors on a forcible-entry prop to simulate these scenarios that you will encounter, cannot be overstated.


Does your door have a wheel system/ is it mobile?

Yes! We have our Wheel System that is attachable & removable which allows your door to be mobile. Our door can also be easily disassembled for transportation.


How long after I place an order for a door can I expect to receive the order?

Our current lead time is about 4-6 weeks.


How can I pay for my order?

We accept checks, credit cards and ACH payments.


Why is your shipping price slightly more than your competitors?

Our Multi-Force Door consists of two (2) individual swinging doors, making our door heavier compared to others on the market. We use a highly reputable freight company and have never had any delivery problems in 13 years! We include liftgate service upon delivery and we also include a scheduled appointment for delivery to ensure someone will be present at the time of delivery.


I already have your Multi-Force Door. Can I purchase a Cutting Station and add it to the door?

Yes! You can easily add the Cutting Station to your door at any time.


I already have your Multi-Force Door. Can I purchase a Battering Ram attachment at add it to the door?

No. Our Battering Ram attachment uniquely fits to each individual door, and would need to be add at the time of purchasing the door.


Are your products Berry Compliant?

Yes. All of our products are proudly made and manufactured in the USA.

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