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This patented door system provides the ability to force left or right-handed, opening in or opening out doors, metal or wood jambs.  All on the same door system.  You can even use angle iron on the door to simulate high security apartment doors.

This door allows you to use the gapping method and conventional forcible entry methods on opening-in metal jams (like on apartment doors).  Hydra-Rams & Rabbit Tools can also be used.

Opening-out forcible entry on metal jambs can also be used (like on commercial buildings or bulkhead doors).  Also, you can use the spiking method on the wood jamb simulator (like on private dwelling doors). 

In addition, the door is used every year to train over 300 firefighters at Fire Engineering's FDIC HOT (Hands-On Training) Forcible Entry Class in Indiana.

“Watch the video and you’ll see what we mean.”   Thank you.



added 10/27/2012

When you don't have the room to strike the back of the halligan with a flatheaded axe, use the technique displayed in this training tip. This type of obstacle is typically found on inward opening doors found at the bottom of interior basement stairs.

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West Point Fire Department - West Point Military Academy - West Point, NY

West Point FD at the West Point Military Academy in Newburg, NY get their door. Behind the door are the cannons that they use at the Army football games. How cool is that ? Click here to see more photos from this training.

Stewart Airport & Air Force Base Fire Department - Newburgh, New York

The same day that we delivered West Point's door, we delivered Stewart Air Force Base's door. Click here for more photos.

Watch a News story by WNYT Channel 3 Albany about east coast firefighters giving training in New York. Mike and the Multi-Force Door is displayed. Watch Mike's interview when 25 seconds is left on the video.

Thanks to everyone who came by our booth at the Long Island Mega Fire/EMS show at the Nassau Coliseum. We hope you got a chance to see the door up close and try it out.

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