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Recently, some of the officers of the Downingtown Fire Dept. traveled to New York City to get trained and pick-up the new Firehouse Innovations Corp. “Multi-Force” Forcible Entry Door Systems Prop.  Firehouse Innovations and the Multi-Force Door System were created by Mike Perrone, who is a 32 year member of the FDNY and is currently with Ladder 175 in Brooklyn, NY.  The DFD team spent several hours with Mike, in his driveway, learning new techniques in forcible entry, on our new prop, from a an expert that does this everyday!
This new door prop is a valuable training tool for the volunteers of the DFD and it allows us to do much-needed forcible entry training in a safe and controlled environment, whenever we want to do it, right here in Downingtown.  In the past, we would only be able to conduct live forcible entry training on acquired abandon, generally unsafe, structures, within Downingtown Borough or East Caln Twp.  And, we do not find many abandon structures structures in our neighborhoods, therefore we do not get many opportunities do have live training within our first-due district!

Crew Travels to NYC for Training Simulator

Tue, Dec 23rd, 2014 7:00:00 am - Today a crew of 4 loaded up and headed to New York City to meet with Mike Perrone (Retired FDNY Ladder175) from Firehouse Innovations Corp and pick up our newly purchased Multi System force entry door. After being greeted by Mike and His wife Doreen we spent over 3 hours of with Mike and training for using the training simulator. This purchase will be use by members and also mutual aid companies to train on proper ways of forcible entry through a door. Thanks to Mike and Doreen for your hospitality while we were there.
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T3 Training Enhances Training Opportunities with Forcible Entry Prop

By East Brandywine Fire Company
April 29, 2014

T3 Training is proud to partner with Firehouse Innovation Corp. for our latest addition to our training program. On Sunday five East Brandywine volunteers traveled to New York to pick up The Multi-Force Forcible Entry Door System.

Chief's Aide Kevin Shaffer said "the decision to purchase the prop was made after recently training on Lionville Fire Company's prop". Shaffer said "everyone who trained on the prop that evening commented on the quality of the product".

According to Training Officer Chris Keen, "it would have been easy to have the door prop shipped, however we wanted to take advantage of the invaluable training provided by the creator of the prop and owner of the Company Mike Perrone".

Captain Vince D'Amico said "Mike was great! We learned more about forcible entry in 3 hours then we could have in a week at a formal forcible entry class"

Mike is a 32 year veteran of FDNY and has been assigned to Ladder 175 for more then 25 years.

FF Savastana who was part of the team that went to New York added, "Mike and his wife Doreen made us feel very welcomed, following training Doreen bought pizza and we had an opportunity learn more about Mike's career and the Company".

Prior to leaving PSO Dane Edwards asked Mike to sign East Brandywine's prop. PSO Edwards "said the idea was important for two reasons: the quality of the product speaks for itself, but more importantly Mike was a phenomenal resource who quickly became a friend".

The Officers and Members of East Brandywine Fire Company would like to thank the following:

Firehouse Innovations Corp. (Mike and Doreen Perrone) for not only providing a great product but also being so accommodating.

Lionville Fire Company who allowed us to train on their prop previously

The team of 5 volunteers who took their Sunday to go to New York.

And lastly the East Brandywine Township Supervisors whose donation made this purchase possible.

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LMFD Receives Forcible Entry Door Simulator

By 1st Lieutenant Chris Gravius
May 22, 2014

On Thursday evening 5/22/14, the Lake Mohegan Fire District took ownership of our new state of the art multi-force forcible entry door system by Firehouse Innovations Corp. Company owner Mike Perrone delivered this new piece of training equipment and was assisted by Jim Denn in assembling it and training a few of our fire officers to teach our firefighters. Both individuals are very active with the FDNY and are assigned to Ladder Company 175 in Brooklyn, which was the busiest ladder company in NYC for 2013!

"This patented door system provides the ability to force left or right-handed, opening in or opening out doors, metal or wood jambs all on the same door system. You can even use angle iron on the door to simulate high security apartment doors. This door allows you to use the gapping method and conventional forcible entry methods on opening-in metal jams (like on apartment doors). Hydra-Rams & Rabbit Tools can also be used. Opening-out forcible entry on metal jambs can also be used (like on commercial buildings or bulkhead doors). Also, you can use the spiking method on the wood jamb simulator (like on private dwelling doors). "
We thank Mike and Jim for providing exceptional training skills and knowledge to our officers, which we can now pass on to our members!

Forcible entry prop helps in crucial part of Orleans fire training

By Jim Krencik

Posted: Tuesday, December 9, 2014 3:49 am

ALBION — Jerry Lewis and Orleans County’s other state fire instructors have always preached the necessity of having hand tools ready on a fire or EMS call.

The set of irons carried by firefighters are a crucial part of their gear, ensuring that lifesaving care isn’t blocked by locked or blocked doorway.

But their lessons and drills on forcible entry techniques couldn’t carry their full heft due to the other tools on hand at the fire training facility in Albion.

It’s hard to create a realistic scenario that doesn’t break down after a couple of tries, whether it’s a door at the rare building turned over before its demolished or the wooden doorway Lewis added to the county’s roof simulator.

Jeff Arnett of the Shelby Fire Company recalled the door prop he used during his firefighter training class as less than ideal.

“You could put it right through (the door) on the first swing,” Arnett said.

The difficulty and realism were both amped up Saturday as Arnett and Shelby Fire Company Lt. Scott Petry took their first swings at the fire training program’s new multi-force door prop.

Under Lewis’ watchful eye, Arnett hammed his axe into the Halligan bar Petry wedged into the door against a wooden block holding it shut. It took several pounding blows and a forceful twist to dislodge the prop’s outward-swinging door, one of nine scenarios Lewis can set up.

“This is one of the skills that’s hard to teach regularly,” Lewis said. “We can use light and heavy resistance, outward and inward-swing doors ... it really improves our training.”

The prop, a sturdy 800 pounds, was acquired this year with the help of a group of local businesses that raised $6,000 for its purchase. It all began with a call from Jeff Lyons.

Lyons, the owner of Lyons Collision, inquired about what the fire training program needed most — a question to which Lewis immediately had an answer. The prop, made by Firehouse Innovations Corp. in New York City, is the top-of-the-line, Lewis said, ready to hold up for decades to come.

A number of Medina area businesses jumped right on board, raising the required funds in time for the prop to be used by this spring’s firefighter training course.

In addition to Lyons Collision, donations came in from David Dunn Salvage, Curisin Auto Parts, Zacher Construction, Brazzell Automotive, Medina Lumber & Hardware, Medina Cold Storage, Rudy’s, Growmark FS, Matt C.M. Contracting, Waters Auto Body, Orleans Ford and Panek Farms.

“It was an overwhelming response,” Lyons said. “With the fire service, you have a lot of of friends in the business community.”

It’s a partnership borne of appreciation of the volunteers who step forward with every call, a commitment Lyons and others see up close. His ties go even deeper.

Lyons has been involved with the fire service since joining the Medina Fire Department as a callman in 1986. He served as Shelby’s fire chief, an EMT for COVA and on the county’s Hazmat team.


Saturday, January 31, 2009 - Today the members of Prospect Park, Ridley Park, Darby, and a few select DELCO Firefighters met at Station 8 around 1100 for some forcible entry training. Firehouse innovations from FDNY came down with their door mock up for some quality hands on training. The crews drilled from 1100 to 1600 and worked seamlessly together. Crews put the mock up to the test and were instructed on conventional forcible entry techniques.
A big thank you goes out to the brothers from FDNY Mike Perrone and Dan DiMartino for the best training we could have ever hoped for!!!!! We loved the mock up and will be ordering one very soon!!!!!
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